More than 2400 species in the world, about 600 species in the Neotropics and growing number of new species. Satyrs are distributed in tribes Haeterini, Elymniini  and Satyrini (Lamas, 2004; Peña et al 2006.).

Generally have cryptic colors, some are white, anothers metallic blue  or transparent - like the delicate and Cithaerias, Haetera. On the wings of satirineos are present  ocelli in various positions and numbers. These group occupy the shaded understory.

With surveys carried out north and south of Manaus a set of Taygetis remain unidentified, as potential new species ( these material is deposited in the Collection of Invertebrates of the National Institute of Amazonian Research).

About Taygetis see Matos-Maravi et al. 2013.