The subfamily Charaxinae comprises 6 tribes worldwide: Charaxini, Euxanthini, Prothoini, Pallini, Preponini and Aneini  (Wahlberg et al. 2003). About 100 species compose this subfamily in the Neotropics, distributed among the tribes Anaeini and Preponini (Lamas, 2004).

These butterflies usually have a robust body and show vivid color patterns on the upperwings in contrast to the leaf-like cryptic underwings. They are called leafwings. Most species are attracted to fermenting fruits and easily caught by bait traps of this nature.

Charaxinae include complex genera like Memphis and wide ranges of phenotypes are found in colored butterflies of the genera Agrias and Prepona.

For a cladistic analysis of Charaxinae see Marconato (2008).