Chloreuptychia chlorimene (Hübner, [1819])

Common Name:
Chlorimene Satyr

Euptychia, repl. name

Papilio cloris (Cramer, 1780), preocc. (not Fabricius, 1775)

Natural History:

The genus Chloreuptychia has about 15 species described in the Neotropics (Lamas, 2004). In the central Amazon C. herseis and C. chlorimene were collected in fruit- traps in the understory strata. These butterflies has delicate wings and flying near the ground.

Feeding Adult:

Adults can eat fruits and other materials on decomposition.

Feeding Caterpillars:

Caterpillars of  Chloreuptychia arnaca are registered in Costa Rica and Trinidad feeding on Gramineae.  Beccaloni et al. (2008) has compiled plants of the genus Eleusine, Ichnanthus and Oplimenus. 

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Atlas of neotropical Lepidoptera - Checklist: Part 4A Hesperioidea - Papilionoidea. Book.: 1-439
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chloreuptychia chlorimene nature

Resting on a leaf, Mamirauá, Amazonas

Photo: Pedro Nassar

chloreuptychia chlorimene dorsal

Male, from dorsal

Specimen deposited in the Collection of Invertebrates INPA, Amazonas

chloreuptychia chlorimene ventral

Male, from ventral

Specimen deposited in the Collection of Invertebrates INPA, Amazonas