Callicore sorana (Godart, [1824])

Common Name:
Sorana Eighty-eight

Nymphalis sorana (Godart, [1824])

Natural History:

Callicore sorana occurs throughout Brazil and in different types of vegetation. This species can be observed from dry savanna to forests. Adults of this species feed on exudation from the stems of trees (e.g.  Solanum), or decomposing fruits, as recorded by Otero & Marigo (1990). The eggs of the Callicore sorana are placed in mature  leaves of plants Sapindaceae,  where the larvae has development. The advanced caterpillars and pupae are green as the leaves.

Argentina; Bolivia; Brasil; Perú; Venezuela
Feeding Adult:

Adults feed on fruits and plant exudates

Feeding Caterpillars:

Caterpillars feed on Sapindaceae: Serjania erecta, Serjania sp., another Unidentified species (Beccaloni et al. 2008). Cardiospermum sp. is recorded by Berti Filho & Cerignoni (2010).

cream, black, red
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callicore sorana

Rest on a leaf

Photo: Anselmo D'Affonseca