Stalachtis phlegia (Cramer, 1779)

Common Name:
Phlegia Metalmark

Papilio phlegia (Cramer, 1777)

Five species are described (Lamas 2004).

Natural History:

This is a very common species, easy to collect, and therefore present in many collections. However, information on the biology of S. phlegia is still scarce.

Brasil; Suriname; Venezuela
Feeding Adult:

On nectar

Feeding Caterpillars:

On plants of Simaba glabra (Simaroubaceae)

orange, black
open forest / meadow, urban
Lamas G. (2004):
Atlas of neotropical Lepidoptera - Checklist: Part 4A Hesperioidea - Papilionoidea. Book.: 1-439
Stalachtis phlegia resting on a twig

Specimen perching in an urban forest, Bosque da Ciência/INPA, Manaus, Amazonas

Photo: Kelve Franclymara S. Cezar)