Hamadryas amphinome (Linnaeus, 1767)

Common Name:
Red Cracker

Papilio amphinome (Linnaeus, 1767)

Natural History:

In central Amazonia, this species was always collected in the canopy. Like the other butterflies of this genus also produce crackling characteristic. Phylogenetic aspect of the mechanism of sound production and recognition signals are presented by Garzon-Orduna (2012).

Hamadryas amphinome lays eggs in the form of a bead necklace made ​​up of 10 to 15 eggs, which are laid down under the leaf. (F. C. Campos Neto, pers. com.). The caterpillars are gregarious (Brown 1992). The pupae are similar to dry leaf, with extensions in the apice (Berti Filho & Cerignoni, 2010).

Argentina; Bolivia; Brasil; Colombia; Costa Rica; México; Panamá; Uruguay; Venezuela
Feeding Adult:

Adults feed on rotten fruits

Feeding Caterpillars:

Host-plants compiled by Beccaloni et al. (2008).

Aristolochiaceae: Aristolochia trilobata

Euphorbiaceae: Dalechampia affinis, Dalechampia alata, Dalechampia ficifolia, Dalechampia leandrii, Dalechampia megacarpa, Dalechampia pentaphylla, Dalechampia scandens, Dalechampia stenosepala, Dalechampia stipulaceae, Dalechampia tiliifolia, Dalechampia triphylla, Dalechampia sp.

Compositae: Eupatorium spp.

Leguminosae: Mimosoideae: Inga affinis, Inga virescens

Solanaceae: Solanum martii, unidentified species

blue, black, red, white
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hamadryas amphinome dorsal

From dorsal

Specimen deposited in the Collection of Invertebrates INPA, Manaus, Amazonas

hamadryas amphinome

From ventral

Specimen deposited in the Collection of Invertebrates INPA, Manaus, Amazonas