Marpesia petreus (Cramer, 1776)

Common Name:
Ruddy Daggerwing

Papilio petreus (Cramer, 1776)

Natural History:

Marpesia petreus has a wide geographical distribution and uses many different habitats. The posture is maked with an egg deposited by branch. The caterpillars build a filament of excrement at the end of the leaf, where they stay when they are not feeding. This behavior happens even suffering the first ecdise. The life cycle lasts on average 31 days (Quadros et al. 2003). The adults do not agglomerate, to sleep solitary (Brown Jr. 1992).

Argentina; Belize; Colombia; Costa Rica; Cuba; El Salvador; México; Puerto Rico; Trinidad and Tobago; Uruguay; Venezuela
Feeding Adult:

Adults feed on nectar and salts in mudpuddle

Feeding Caterpillars:

According compiled by Beccaloni et al. (2008) are recorded as host-plant:

Anacardiaceae: Anacardium sp., Anacardium excelsum, Anacardium occidentale

Leguminosae-Caesalpinioideae: Mora excelsa

Moraceae: Artocarpus sp., Ficus sp., Ficus benjamina, Ficus cahuitensis, Ficus carica, Ficus citrifolia, Ficus cotinifolia, Ficus goldmanii, Ficus microcarpa, Ficus obtusifolia, Ficus ovalis, Ficus pertusa, Ficus pumila, Ficus rubiginosa?, Maclura sp., Maclura tinctoria.

Rutaceae: Zanthoxylum fagara

brown, cream, orange
anthropogenic, open, open forest / meadow
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marpesia petreus dorsal view

Reserva de Desenvolvimento Sustentável Mamirauá, Amazonas

Photo: Pedro Nassar

marpesia petreus ventral view

Reserva de Desenvolvimento Sustentável Mamirauá, Amazonas

Photo: Pedro Nassar