Eunica bechina Hewitson, 1852)

Common Name:
Bechina Purplewing

Cybdelis bechina (Hewitson, 1852)

Natural History:

Eunica bechina occurs in different environments, but in forest of "terra firme"  in central Amazonia is not collected in abundance.

Highest abundance was found in savana  in Rondônia and is also common in the cerrado vegetation. 

The females of this species leave isolated eggs, preferably in young leaves Caryocar brasiliense ("Pequi"). The caterpillars build trampolines with craps, a structure which they use as restroom. 
E. bechina has frugivorous diet and can also feed on plant sap and mud puddles, as noted by Professor Brown. This personal communication and information about the biology of this species are presented in Freitas & Oliveira (1992).
Feeding Adult:

Adultos se alimentam de frutos em decomposição e seiva vegetal.

Feeding Caterpillars:

Caryocaraceae: Caryocar brasiliense (Freitas & Oliveira, 1992)

brown, blue, violet
open forest / meadow, forest, anthropogenic
Freitas A.V.L., Oliveira P.S. (1992):
Biology and behavior of the neotropical butterfly Eunica bechina (Nymphalidae) with special reference to larval defence against ant predation. Journal of Research on the Lepidoptera. 31 (1-2): 1-11