Cithaerias andromeda (Fabricius, 1775)

Common Name:

Papilio andromeda (Fabricius, 1775)

Natural History:

In the Neotropics, are recorded five species in the genus Cithaerias. Four subspecies are recorded in C. andromeda (Lamas 2004). A synonymic list and notes about the types can be found in Lamas (1997).

The genus Cithaerias includes very  common species in shaded understory in the rainforest. The wings are transparent in these butterflies, and when are resting on vegetation or leaf litter are completely cryptic.

Brasil; Guyane française; Suriname; Venezuela
Feeding Caterpillars:

Species of Arecaceae, Araceae, Heliconiacea, Marantaceae, Poaceae are recorded as host-plant for Cithaerias spp  (De Vries, 1987).

rainforest undisturbed, forest
Lamas G. (1997):
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cithaerias andromeda

Resting on the floor

Photo: Daniela Brito Agra

View of understory, in the forest near Manaus, Amazonas