Mechanitis polymnia (Linnaeus, 1758)

Common Name:
Polymnia Tigerwing

Papilio polymnia (Linnaeus, 1758)

Natural History:

Probably common in Brazil and occur all year. This species lives well on forest edge, flying slowly and close to the ground. Leaves the eggs on solanaceous plants, with cycle of life on average one month in the nature. The cycle of life can be longer in butterfly house, where can be easily created (Otero & Marigo, 1992). Larvae are white and the pupae shows silver staining (Berti Filho & Cerignoni, 2010).

Bolivia; Brasil; Colombia; Ecuador; Guatemala; Honduras; Perú; Suriname; Venezuela
Occurence Period:

Occur throughout the whole year

Feeding Adult:

Nectar of Asteraceae, decomposing organic matter, bird droppings (see Ray & Andrews, 1980)

Feeding Caterpillars:

There is record of a species of Passifloraceae in Colombia,  Passiflora edulis. In Brazil are recorded  many species of host-plant in Solanaceae (Beccaloni et al. 2008). see below.

Brugmansia candida, Brunfelsia grandiflora, Cyphomandra betacea, Cyphomandra corymbiflora, C. diplocomos, C. sciadostylis, C. velutina, Lycopersicon sp., Lycopersicon esculentum, Solanum  spp., Solanum aculeatissimum, S. adenotrichum, S. crinitum, S. granuloso-leprosum, S. hexandrum, S. incarceratum, S. lycocarpum, S. mauritianum, S. palinacanthum, S. robustus, S. scuticum, S. sessiliflorum, S. sisymbriifolium, S. spinosissimun, S. stramoniifolium, S. variabile

orange, black, yellow
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mechanitis polymnia dorsal

From dorsal

Specimen deposited in the Collection of Invertebrates INPA, Manaus, Amazonas

mechanitis polymnia ventral

From ventral

Specimen deposited in the Collection of Invertebrates INPA, Manaus, Amazonas