The Butterfly project

To describe the biodiversity of the Amazonian region is an unequaled challenge. This is also true for butterflies. Despite representing one of the best known insect groups in other regions of the world and also in Brazil, for the Amazon butterfly fauna there are still many gaps without any geographical information.

Illustrated identification guides are very useful tools, since it is possible to identify many butterfly species through photographs. This can reduce the labour intensive work of sampling, mounting and preserving specimens in scientific collections and thus allow to study more sites, repeat inventories etc.

This site aims to divulge knowledge on butterfly species of Brazilian Amazonia, with emphasis on the central part, where the authors have more experience and a greater volume of information. Further entrance of data is expected to be constant and we hope to deliver a tool that allows us to improve our knowledge on the distribution and life history traits of the species.

Besides students and technicians working with butterflies, we intend to reach also persons not working in the field of biology or entomology, but rather are interested in nature and the beauty of biological diversity. The availablilty of field guides could stimulate a knowledge-based ecologically sensitive tourism.