Prepona laertes (Hübner, [1811])

Common Name:
Laertes Prepona

Potamis laertes (Hübner, [1811]) 

Natural History:

In the Neotropics there are four subspecies of Prepona laertes (Lamas, 2004). In the central Amazon, Prepona laertes is the most abundant species from Prepona group, under different and varied forms. Males and females occur in sobosque and the forest canopy, with greater abundance between August and November.

Bolivia; Brasil; Colombia; Costa Rica; Ecuador; Guatemala; Guyane française; Honduras; México; Paraguay; Perú; Suriname; Trinidad and Tobago; Venezuela
Feeding Adult:

Adults feed on rotten fruits, mineral salts in puddles

Feeding Caterpillars:

The caterpillars feed on several species of Leguminosae (e.g. Inga spp.) (Brown Jr. 1992). Species of Inga, Andira, Ygia and Melicoccus are recorded in Costa Rica (

All specimens showed here are deposited in the Collection of Invertebrates INPA, Manaus, Amazonas.

black, blue, brown, cream, metallic
Lamas G. (2004):
Atlas of neotropical Lepidoptera - Checklist: Part 4A Hesperioidea - Papilionoidea. Book.: 1-439
Brown Jr. K (1992):
Borboletas da Serra do Japi: diversidade, habitats, recursos alimentares e variação temporal. In:n História Natural da Serra do Japi: ecologia e preservação de uma área florestal no Sudeste do Brasil., Campinas, Unicamp: 142-186
prepona laertes male dorsal
Male, from dorsal
laertes male ventral
Male, from ventral
laertes male variant
Male, from dorsal
prepona laertes female dorsal
Female, from dorsal
prepona laertes female ventral
Female, from ventral