Pierella astyoche (Erichson, [1849])

Common Name:
Astyoche Pierella

 Hetaera, [sic] astyoche  (Erichson, [1849])

Natural History:

Eleven species of Pierella are registered in the Neotropics (Lamas, 2004). At least 5 of them were recorded in central Amazonia. P. astyoche has 3 subspecies, each species are recorded in an Amazonian region. Besides the distribution recorded in Lamas (2004) this species has occurrence recorded in Equador by Murray ( 2000).

Pierella astyoche makes short flights and are often can be seen resting on the floor.

Can be seen sucking on decomposing leaves or fruit on the floor of the forest, but always in the shaded understory.

Brazil; Ecuador; French Guiana; Peru
Feeding Caterpillars:

For the genus Pierella are cited as host-plant species Marantaceae, Heliconiaceae, Commeliaceae and Cyperaceae (Beccaloni et al. 2008).

forest, rainforest undisturbed
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pierella astyoche

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Specimen deposited in the Collection of Invertebrates INPA, Manaus, Amazonas